Type: Activity Level: College Subject: Foresight Category: Methods & Tools Keywords: Delphi, Field Anomaly Relaxation, Robust Decisionmaking, SOFI software system, State Of The Future Index, agent modeling, causal layered analysis, chaos, cross-impact analysis, decision modeling, environmental scanning, futures polygon, futures wheel, genius forecasting, intuition, morphological analysis, multiple perspectives, non-linear dynamics, normative forecasting, participatory methods, personal futures, prediction markets, relevance trees, road mapping, scenarios, statistical modeling, systems, technology sequence analysis, text mining, trend impact analysis, vision, wild cards
Millennium Project
Futures Research Methodology CD Version 3.0
Jerome Glenn, Ted Gordon

The Futures Research Methodology is the largest collection of futures tools and methods ever published. From simple tools to more complex methodologies, this resource features a wide-variety of foresight activities, many of which can be incorporated into classes at any level.