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Teach the Future
Futures Thinking Playbook (Supplementary Materials)
Katie King, Julia Rose West

The Futures Thinking Playbook is designed for students and teachers alike, to help the younger generations anticipate and influence the future. This interactive, fun and engaging workbook will open minds to many possible and surprising futures. The Futures Thinking Playbook, divided into sixteen manageable plays, supports young people’s creative and critical thinking skills.

The Playbook is available online for review and on Amazon for purchase.  Schools and other groups may purchase multiple copies at a discount by contacting Peter Bishop or by inserting a message on the Teach the Future website.

You may download the Playbooks supplementary materials (Facilitator Tips, Imagine Cards, and Trend Cards) free of charge as a combined zip file or as separate files by adding these files to the Cart at the right.

And please let us know how you used the Playbook and how it went!

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